Mirage S1 Bug

@Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious I have a pretty high sig Mirage and I have noticed that using consecutive S1s before the buff timer cools down results in the second special’s new buff not increasing the ranged speed.


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    But it increases the damage, right? AND He's also not supposed to behave like Wasp
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    What are you even talking about? You don’t even seem to understand the bot abilities when you throw your comments in here.

    It’s a bug. Understand how he’s supposed to work before you comment.
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    Well it's long time when I used to have duped 3* mirage, but now my 4* one is Undupped.. So I actually forget what is Sign stats are.
    So to help you out a bit, i want to show you a reference from @Kabam Vydious

    (iii) If there's Two Stack of 50% Armor, will they combine to give 100% Armor effect ?
    Armor has diminishing returns, so as Armor stacks the effect becomes less potent. You can however stack Armor until damage is reduced below 1. This can be observed with Optimums Prime MV1's signature ability.

    (iv) If there's no Armor, how much damage will (a)one 25% Armor Break (b)Two 25% Armor Breaks, will amplify?
    25% Armor Break would allow 25% more damage through, the second allows ~19% more damage through. 2x25% Armor Break would allow ~43% more damage through.

    (vii) How Resistance debuffs stack, do they just add up?
    The same as Armor, with diminishing returns.

    (viii) Do Wasp's resistance debuff effect Melee,Ranged,Special resistance from MODs?

    (ix) If a bot has 50% Armor and 50% Resistance Debuff, what will be net Damage output?
    They both contribute to the bots Damage Resistance Rating, so they would suffer from diminishing returns under-the-hood. The difference would be that the resistance would help out a bit more against Critical Hits and isn't removed by Armor Breaks.

    So, you can see that extra stacks are mitigated and even if two buff are meant for same purpose, their common effects are mitigated, like 50% Projectile Speed Buff and 50% Ranged Buff, Ranged speed effect of Ranged buff will be mitigated while damage will be unaffected.
    And With screenshot provided by my alliance mate, there's no description how much increase is that. So, while buff is not so high, extra stack's mitigated effect could be low enough to noted properly.

    You can see full comment Here
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    I'm bumping this back up because this is getting very frustrating. Once you have a high sig Mirage this bug is absolutely ruining his s1. Again, when using concurrent s1s it should stack the duration or just refresh his ranged speed buff. It SHOULD NOT stack speed but right now the bug is causing the new buff to have no effect. It's pretty easy to test.

    You can see he will have two overlapping temporary ranged speed buffs. Once the first expires he loses all ranged speed for the remainder of the second buff. The "speed" should not stack, ideally the duration would stack but, at minimum, it should refresh the buff. Currently it's broken.

    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious
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