Fighting sort of doesn't work anymore

This has been going on since last month now (or thereabouts), basicslly, when I open up the fight panel and go into a fight, be it story, raid, challenge, etc., the game crashes during the loading session. I have recently unlocked some characters I'd like to play as, but have been unable to.

I got compensation before the Jazz calendar ended and got 10,000 chips for 3 star Jazz, but I had already got most of the chips form the rest of the calendar and the challenges before this crashing issue arose. Ever since about a week before I got this compensation, have been unable to get into fights because of this crashing problem. I use an iPad Air and have a reasonable amount of space left on it so it doesn't go insane (I realise my iPad and phone dont work alot when you have no space left). So I doubt that's the issue. I've seen other threads about this same problem and I've still not found a solution, if anyone get help me, that'd be greatly appreciated thank you.


  • I have the same problem , and my phone have 24GB , so o think , is not your device , Probably is the GAME problem
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