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Full Mettle Mastery Bug

I've mentioned this as part of a discussion before, but the problem is still going on and needs to be fixed.

I have 3 of 3 ranks in Full Mettle which means I should have an armor buff on my bots that reduces damage by 10% and lasts until their health drops below 85%. Currently, the armor buff ends once health goes below 90% (rank 2, not 3). That also makes me think that maybe the buff is only reducing 8% of damage (rank 2, not 3) instead of 10% but I have no way of knowing this.

I have not filed a work ticket or whatever about this because the times I have done that for problems, Kabam has never even contacted me to inform me they were looking into an issue, and no issue I've made a work ticket for has ever been corrected or resolved in any way. So, will Kabam do anything about this? Or should I just put my 3rd mastery point on Full Mettle somewhere else?
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