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Help! Levelling past forge 75? (Details inside)

NightgauntNightgaunt Posts: 178
edited August 2018 in General Discussion
So I've had my eye on my 3* Hound in preparation for forging him into my 4* Hound, and noticed that it's very close to the point where forging my 3* would push 4* Hound's forge level past the standard lvl 75 limit.

Normally, I would wait until my 3* bot is sig100 before forging to get the most value out of materials used to upgrade, and 3* Hound is only at sig40. This time though I'm not sure what will happen as the 3* should bump the 4*'s forge limit to lvl 100.

Does anyone know whether the extra forge XP will be added on, taking 4* Hound to forge lvl 75+, or will it take me to lvl 75 and unlock the lvl 100 limit, but any extra forge XP will be lost?

It's an unusual one, and I don't know if other players will have really come across it before, but I thought it would be worth asking - I don't want to waste the value of having maxed out 3* Hound, but I also don't want to waste potential forge XP from future dupes.


  • SparkShredderSparkShredder Posts: 1,300
    It will just unlock limit to 100, and whatever XP is overflowing 75, will be added past 75,i guess it it might go useless
  • willdorfwilldorf Posts: 217
    Do it and let us know if it goes to 75 or past, a lot of things we know about the game are just from trial and error and people sharing the results, that is, if no one else already knows
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