Hey @Kabam Miike @Kabam Pepper @Kabam Rimehaven ,

Instead of the constant "What the?" and whining from the F2F community,
why not publish a sticky thread with CONFIRMED working specs, so people can see for themselves if they're barking up the wrong tree.


Minimum Requirements:
- Android 7.0
- 1.3GHz Quad Core (+ short example list)
- 2 GB RAM
- GPU (e.g Mali T720MP2, etc)
- OpenGLEs 2.0
- minimum space

- Android 7.0+
- 2.0GHz+ Octa Core
- 4GB+ RAM
- GPU Mali G71MP8, Adreno 540, etc.
- OpenGLEs 3.0

...and so on. And the same for Apple devices. Not everyone knows about the page (which was last updated Nov.2017!!!).


  • Wish they could really do that.
    At least, they could tell, This device runs game with least crahes and reasonable Graphics(no screen obstacles)
  • Personally, the phone is running has low CPU, 1.2GHz but quite good ram 1900MB . And this experienced no crashes OR bugs. Despite slow load screens.
    Whole 2.4GHz and 1600MB ram Galaxy S5 crashes quite often.
    This phone has reasonable features so it uses only 800-950 MB as normal. Rest for other active apps.
    While S5 has 950-1150 MB already filled.
    Higher graphics require more ram. Love graphic, higher ram, game smooth.
  • When I play on iPad Pro, the controls don’t works well

    For exemple, when I blocking, sometimes my bot run crazy in the enemy's direction
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    Exactly the reason there's no suggested requirements. The game has its own opinion on the devices.

    For instance I was playing on Xiami Mi Mix2s before I dropped it and cracked the display. The device itself is with Snapdragon 845, 6gb ram and Android 8. The game lagged as hell and every third fight on the loading screen it crashed.

    After that I've returned to my old phone Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 with Snapdragon 650 with 3 gb ram and Android 7 (the device itself should be 3 times slower), but haven't experienced crashes nor huge lags in two months.

    It's illogical for flagship phone to behave worse than 3 years old mid-tier phone, but well, as I said the game has its own opinion.
  • I had an old asus zenfone 2 with intel chip and the game was slow to load but when the fight started it until it went reasonably well.

    With all the consecrated kabam bugs but the graphics were good and quit only once in a while
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    BlackRazak wrote: »
    SD820 compatibility issues causing FC.

    Moto Z
    Moto Z Force
    Samsung S7 Active
    LG V20

    Damn man. Is this game even running on any non mid to low range SD chipset phone? I've already written it in another thread, but I've had Xiami Mix 2s (now with cracked screen) with sd 845 and the game was crashing between loading screens. Now I'm on my old Redmi note 3 pro with SD 650 and besides the slow loading times between the fights and freezes here and there (in the fights), I don't find such a issues. Do you have other SD 845 phones to test, because I'm considering getting Poco F1 and if the game crashes like on the mix2s I'll definitely quit it. By the way I've experienced crashes on the Note 3 on 7.1+, but not on 6.0. Could the game simply be flawed on newest android versions? Getting to that conclusion, since the MTK cpus, are usually running 2 releases bellow the current android version and as you've reported, there are not much hickups in there.
  • Hey gang -

    Wanted to swing by and let you know we've been monitoring this thread and passing along feedback. Apologies for not dropping in here sooner to let y'all know.
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    BlackRazak wrote: »
    The game seems to chew up the FLAGSHIP SOCS, I've a feeling it's more GPU setting related.
    I've issues on the work iPhone X and also the iPad Pro as well as the XR running ios 12.1 and 12.
    What was previously perfectly fine (moto z play, SD625, Android 6.0) is now completely UNPLAYABLE after the 7.0 game update.
    Same with my previous go to phone, the Moto G5S Plus (SD625, android 8.0).
    Also crashing on Razer Phone 7.1.2 with a SD835. That has 8GB RAM.

    Awesome ... and I was thinking of getting the poco with SD845 and 6gb just because the game closes every time I get a phone call, 3GB of ram seems not enough to keep the game and phone call in the same time active.

    Reading this, I'm getting the conclusion that it'll be hit or miss and will probably continue to play on my old phone, because I'm not getting that much of issues on it. Damn.
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    BlackRazak wrote: »

    Tested CURRENT Droid SoCs:
    ✔️MTK6737M (moto C+, moto e4+) 7.0
    ✔️Helio P15 (moto M) 7.0
    ✔️SD425 (moto e5+) 8.1
    ✔️SD626 (moto Z2P) 8.0
    ✔️SD630 (moto X4) 8.1
    ✔️SD835 (moto z2 Force) 8.1

    ❌SD625 (moto g5s+, moto ZP) 8.0
    ❌SD820 (moto Z, HTC10, LG V20) 8.0, 7.1
    ❌SD835 (!) RAZER Phone, 7.1.2

    I think results may vary and it just shows that this game is just badly optimized period. A guy in our group has a Z2Play.. it's so bad that he doesn't even play on that phone anymore and waits until he goes home to use his old phone on wifi. We had to talk him out of quitting the game.

    I have the Note 8 which uses the 835 and it's better but no where I would consider acceptable. I get the lags and freezes, and it gets worse with each update. These issues are even worse if I didn't move the game and any space hogging apps over my sd card to give this game has all the space it wants on my phone. If I forget to move an app over (apps move back after you update the app)..the issues are tenfolds. This also includes me clearing the cache and closing out any apps before i play the game.
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    BlackRazak wrote: »



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    I don’t really understand much going on in this thread as it’s way out of my understanding. Anyways my small contribution is I play on an iPhone 8, the game warns the phone up every once in awhile, but never has it overheated. No lags, crashes, or freezes.
  • The last time I played on my Samsung galaxy tab a it would crash out of nowhere
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    #1 requirement: patience
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