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Same t3 class crystal again. Same % for each?

The last 6 t3c crystals i have opened have all been warrior which i dont need. I need everything else but them. Isn't it 20% for each spark or are the % different. Am i just lucky? Is the game limiting my progress on other bots on purpose as its not truly random? Anyone else had this run of fantastic luck?


  • I know it sucks, but once you get a 5* warrior you like and rank him/her up watch how fast those t3c run out.
  • ShoeoShoeo Posts: 7
    If i had money on it.... 1 in 6 x 6....could make a tidy profit....wouldnt happen lol. Next 5 star crystal ill be duping my grindor for sure ha.
  • They will be useful when you get a 5 star warrior bot
  • This disease happens again? It occurred to me also. Unfortunately No one could help you. Why warrior class? I will never know. Most people seems get redundant warrior class. While getting other class will benefit from Power control, Armor break, Anti Bleed-shock. Warrior anti-evade is not vital imo. Be patient and other class will come to you. We all just want to progress faster.
  • My curse is scouts. I have rolled for 5 t3cs and 3 of them have been scouts and all 3 in a row. I don't even like scouts.
  • SynthwaveSynthwave Posts: 1,012
    18 T3C scout sparks is my current tally.

    While it did allow me to r4 my 5 star Prowl, it's still a crazy number. I think I pulled 7 in a row at one point. It would be nice if they released T3C daily missions or gave us another way to get the class essence/sparks we need.
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