After "MAINTENANCE" consequences

GLITCHES , LAG , OVER HEATING , SLOW LOADING , AM CRASHES , FULL GAME CRASHES , and now this is happening .. MID BATTLE FREEZES - meaning the game freezes in middle of a fight and then your bot is Knocked out !
Alright Kabam , I know you guys "working" about these known issues but meh .. that "maintenance" you did i believe it was pathetic , it was like using a knife to pull out bullet from the gun shot wound . Its consequences are showing up now. A lot of Players are facing these issues which are to be known by Your DEVELOPMENT TEAM for quite some time now !! .
Yeah well i wasn't agitated that much with overheating , slow loading and all until this new bug which freezes the game showed up , yeah like i play easy difficulty spotlight and it won't matter to me if i even take a shot from the AI while I'm frozen BUT IT'S MASTER WE ARE TALKING , YOU TAKE A HIT IN THERE YOU DIE ! . then we have to spend ENERGON ON REPAIRS WHICH WASN'T REQUIRED !
Slow loading : In Arena it is like nightmare because after every fight there is like 50 sec loading screen which makes arena consume all of your daytime if you usually score a million plus score . RAIDING IS HELL NOW , loading when you're reaching other players base , loading when you tap " raid now " button , loading when the fight is commencing with the first defender , loading when you are done with the defender .. its like 7 mins of loading in a 20 min raid . WELL DONE KABAM !
and at least i know you will read this but I DONT WANT YOU TO JUST READ IT , IF THESE ISSUES ARE KNOWN TO YOU FOR QUITE SOME TIME THEN WHY ARENT THEY FIXED YET . too much for a mobile gamer Ayyy .


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    Full on rant lol , sorry but i get angry easily
  • This isn't just an entry level SoCs having this problem. I have this problem on my Essential Phone and S8+, both snapdragon 835s. Didn't happen until the last update. It has the problem on ATT and Sprint, and on multiple WiFi connections.
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    I'm not much of geek but can you tell if my phone is even suitable for this game lol @BlackRazak
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    I just listen to music while i fight or play the game @BlackRazak
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    I don't think kabam has the right personnel to fix the problems the game is facing . If this issues continue and in near future i lose something because of my game keeps on freezing , I'm obviously quitting the game . Nice consumer policy you got there kabam .
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    And it's truly not your fault @Kabam Miike or any other moderator . The devs need to do something
  • Couldnt agree more. Losing a fight because of scrap that isnt my fault erks me because i have to spend my hard erned energon reviving my bot because the game decides "oh this guy actually has skill-cant have that now can we FREEZE!"
  • I love to fight in the arena, averaging 1 mil points everyday, for bot crystal even above 2 mil. Since the update, it's a nightmare, take a minute to load every series, about 40 sec in between the fight, that too if there's no freezing in between. Going to give up the game if this is how it'll be, just take too much time to play. Used to be smooth, no lag, no freeze, loading was less than 10 sec.
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    @Funkie_Yoyo EXACTLY !!!!
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    I only signed in to agree with the OP. I'm sick of this crap.
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