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New Game Mode?

I know there's a bunch of threads around suggesting different game modes and something like this might have been suggested but I was thinking maybe this can be a game mode at some point in the future. Or possibly even some derivative of this kind of mode.
(I also know there is a crap ton out there that Kabam should be focusing on so I am not expecting much from this)

Mode: Boss Raid
Objective: Take down one boss bot heavily modded.

Basically this would start off as an AM map where the entire Alliance (or maybe 3 groups of 6 players as well) but only have 1 bot on it which would have some crazy high amount of HP (In the millions) and equipped with a handful of mods (Maybe varies each time you are in to give the players a "new" experience each time)

Each player will be able to fight against this boss bot, not at the same time of course just like AM and get points for all the damage they do. There should be a timer so a player cant just sit in there forever and if the timer runs out (or they force restart) the bot should die. Items should also be limited to maybe 3 or 5 per Boss Raid to make it more of a challenge.

This could be a timed event like AMs 24 hour until reset and then players could get rewarded based on their points that they scored while fighting.

@Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious What are your thoughts on something like this? This is definitely a little different than what we are all used to up until now.


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