Reward faults in story

I've noticed that in most story quests, when I count all the ore-13 I should have gotten, it's always cut short by the game. Is this gonna be fixed in the next update? Has anyone else noticed?


  • Hmm, is this occurring in all quests? Or just specific ones? Are these ones that have already been run or your first time through?
  • MidgardWatcherMidgardWatcher Posts: 39
    edited February 2017
    Yes, @Carver , i've noticed same issue. In addition - sometimes when you pass over the ore-13 laying at the groung - it stays on it's place even if you see animation of picking it up. So it's not appearing in your quest stash and if you look back - it will be at it's place.

    @Kabam Miike this is occurring in all quests, can't remember for first run, but on re-runs it happens for sure
  • Good pickup, just tested it 3 times, not on first run, only on re-runs as far as I can see
  • Happens to me all the time. Must have lost (or not gotten) tens of thousands of ore.
  • Having the team look into this right now!
  • CarverCarver Posts: 82
    Thanks a bunch mike. Yeah it's every re-run
  • this issue seems to still be occuring, at least the running over ore without picking it up. I need to level some guys to continue in the quest and it's making it pretty tough when i only get a portion of the ore i thought i was getting.
  • FarkasFarkas Posts: 63
    This big still exist. I had 7 T2 ore and after the boss fight the screen said I got 5 t2 ore from the boss. But the total ore gain from the mission was only 9.
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