Two Questions... Goldwheel crystals and consequences of a higher rank team than suggested range?

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So two separate subjects here... First of all how do I collect some more of the Goldwheel crystal fragments? Where do I get these from? What will they eventually be turned into, if no more shards are being provided?

Second, are there any consequences for taking a team, say ranked 3,000, into a daily, story or special mission that specifies a range of say 800 - 2,400? In other words, if my team is a higher collective rank than the maximum suggested, are there any consequences, and if so, what are they?

As always I appreciate your help!


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    They'll stay in your inventory till Kabam decide on what's to do.
    No way to collect more unless there's another Bee shard event.

    No consequences.
    That 800-2400 is a RECOMMENDED rating, with uppermost number being the theoretic highest foe you face.
    3000 means you should be okay.

    But it's a false economy, as AM proves.
    A '1500' AM recommended rating is a pipe dream. You'll be far more comfortable bringing a squad of 2500pi EACH.

    Hope that helped, @DreamBliss
  • Ok, thanks!

    Man I hope they have another event! I was savin' up for that 5,000 goldwheel chip crystal...
  • BlackRazakBlackRazak Posts: 2,238
    BTW, when i said 3000 squad rating, that's 3000/bot, not total.
  • Looks like Kabam absconded with my hard fought and won 3,500 or so Goldwheel crystal fragments :/
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