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KABAM, plz help me!

iMilyhyaiMilyhya Posts: 9
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Dear KABAM, why when i playing this game always closed suddenly?
i loss all my game(arenas, raid, special, daily, story, etc.)
my Device is iPhone 6, iOS 12.1.2
this problem only happend on this game, but my others game is okay


  • Dear KABAM, why when i playing this game always come out suddenly? I always loss my game(arenas, raid, and etc.) because come out suddenly.
  • JKINJKIN Posts: 514
    What exactly do you mean by "come out"?
  • BlackRazakBlackRazak Posts: 2,781
    edited January 2019
    Think he means crash or force close.
    There's a thread called REQUIREMENTS...
  • JKINJKIN Posts: 514
    Or a simpler question: What device are you playing on?
  • lightningbaronlightningbaron Posts: 589
    edited January 2019
    Everyone is posting about game "crashes", but yet majority don't ever state what device they are running it on. Magically expecting the issues to get fixed.

    The majority are probably running on 1GB RAM and 4 year old devices. Here's an advise for you lots, it's time to upgrade your device. Will you still use a PC or laptop with 1GB/2GB of RAM today?

    We know the game has issues from a software side.
  • ktomovktomov Posts: 216
    @lightningbaron although I agree in most of what you've said, I have to say that the game is plagued by some serious memory leaks. I'm playing on SD845 device with 6 GB of ram. So that could be counted as 2018-2019 flagship device.

    Doing more than 30 series (90 fights) of arena and my device starts lagging. It's not thermal throttling, so not CPU bottleneck. Force close the game and 3.5 gb of ram are freed. And this is not simply rom related. I've tried on Lineage based roms, tried CAF, stayed on stock Xiaomi's rom, but with custom kernel. This happens on every rom I've tried, so even rooted and on flagship device, the game shows its lack of optimization.
  • I posted my old device, many times. Problems never got fixed. I posted my newer device, still crashing more than a dozen times a day in addition to whatever bugs decide to strike at random. Newest device for me is my LG Stylo 4+, octo-core cpu, 4k video, and 3gb of ram. Graphics are amazing, better than android, but it still slows down to a crawl even when I have background stuff shut off and nearly 2gb of available ram and a cleaner/optimizer running.
  • BlackRazakBlackRazak Posts: 2,781
    @Halloweendm the LG Stylo 4P runs a MediaTek 6750, which is STRUGGLING since 7.2.2
  • BlackRazakBlackRazak Posts: 2,781
    i can CONFIRM that Asus ROG (SD845, 8GB-128GB ROM version) also lags after 2.5hr of mixed (arena, AM, Raids, Spotlight) combat.

    Freed 3.75GB RAM with task killer. So yes, memory leaks is an issue.

    Weirdly, the only device ive with me that doesn't exhibit lag or freezes is the moto m (helio P15, 4-32GB) running android 7.0 since January 7, 2019 update

    Still running well on MT6737 moto c plus (2-16GB, android 7.0) but now susceptible to lag if daily reboot not observed
  • BlackRazakBlackRazak Posts: 2,781
    edited January 2019
    Also can't understand LG Stylo 4P "better than Android".
    Just what is it running on? 😕

  • my device is iPhone 6,iOS 12.1.2, come out in mean Quit suddenly
  • sorry dude, my english grammar is so bad
  • if u don’t understand, im so sorry, coz my english grammar is so bad
  • i love this game, i love transformers, but my game always closed suddenly
  • im very disapointed!
  • ktomovktomov Posts: 216
    Man you're playing on soon to be 5 years old device with 1GB of ram. You can see that other devices even with 6/8GB of ram are experiencing issues with the game. Sad to say this but you have to either upgrade your device or quit the game as there's little to non that could be done.
  • tEatEa Posts: 65
    iPhone 6 too old, you need a newer phone
  • oh, my device is too old, my money isn’t enough to buy new iPhone, iPhone is too xpensive
  • ok, thanks for the solutions!
  • I ain’t spending over £300 just for a game
  • BlackRazakBlackRazak Posts: 2,781
    iMilyhya wrote: »
    oh, my device is too old, my money isn’t enough to buy new iPhone, iPhone is too xpensive

    @iMilyhya there's a thread called REQUIREMENTS, it even has low budget options that play F2F fine, for between $80-118 USD.

    Check that out
  • A device (iPhone 6) with 1GB of RAM does not mean you get the full 1GB. You have the iOS (i O sh!t) and background process that will need to load itself into RAM; the reality is probably playing with half GB RAM.

    If you can't afford to upgrade your device, then some lots need to stop saying the game is crashing on 4-5 years old hardware. There, blunt and to the point. Yes, the game crashes even with some mid range and high end devices too; so we know there is a software issue too.
  • iMilyhya wrote: »
    my device is iPhone 6,iOS 12.1.2, come out in mean Quit suddenly

    One of the problem with Apple, they continue to introduce updated iOS even for older devices; the end result is usually a slower device.

    With Android devices, I believe security updates are provided for 3 years?

    In honesty, there are some devices (tablets) that uses Mediatek processor and 1.5GB RAM, it just works; albeit slower and longer waits means it requires patience. What takes 5 minutes on my Moto G6 (4GB) may take 15 minutes on my tablet. While the Moto G6 is faster, it is also quicker to crash.

  • JKINJKIN Posts: 514
    The good thing about this community is that we can help others solve problems and the mods don't have to do anything.
  • JKIN wrote: »
    The good thing about this community is that we can help others solve problems and the mods don't have to do anything.

    The mods don’t do anything anyways...haven’t heard from them in months. Nor do the development team...look at the state of the game.
  • tEatEa Posts: 65
    Thought thus was closed
  • I'd recommend getting an Android phone. They're cheaper and can store more stuff with SD cards. I have one myself and it works much better than an iphone could ever.
  • I’m on iPhone X and I can’t do 3 raids without my phone getting hot enough to fry eggs on it. This games needs to do some optimising. It looks good though.
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