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Positivity, Fortitude and Perseverance.

I'd like to put forward a suggestion to Kabam that would PLEASE all parties.
Yourselves, the paying customers, grinders and noobs..

Why not implement a tiered system, say:
1. $25, $50, $100, $200 dollars spent IN GAME is rewarded by special crystals, bots, etc.
2. Hours SPENT. 24hr, 48hr, 100hr, etc is rewarded.
3. Login multipliers. 30 day streak, 100 days and so forth.
4. Roster Reward. 33%, 50%, 75%... Of total characters gets you some rare bot crystals.
5. AM/Raid participation. Higher the count, better the given gifts.
6. Birthdays, anniversaries.
7. OTHER. Please contribute ideas

Pretty sure this would cause an upsurge in participation and money spent
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    BlackRazak wrote: »
    1. $25, $50, $100, $200 dollars spent IN GAME is rewarded by special crystals, bots, etc.
    A VIP system would definitely encourage players to spend money on the game, I made the same suggestion back in one of my old posts
  • NAE
    said no without reading further....I really like this idea though because many of us already spend so much money and it would be nice to gain more out of investing
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    I think the problem with making suggestions is that we really have no idea what the current development plans are, no communication on it, the development ability along with any contraints or freedoms they have etc, which is entirely understandable but also turns our suggestions from just that, in to wild dreams and hopes.

    All we get is that it gets passed to the team, which we have no idea which team and what they even do with our ideas and suggestions (if anything!). I would hope they all sit down and discuss it in depth, but I don't know as I don't recall ever seeing a suggestion made by a player ever work its way in to the game.

    As for this one, I really like the sound of it as it seems to expand on the objectives side of the game, but it seems like they've had things in the pipeline for so long that I don't know where this would even fit in terms of development
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    Well it sounds nice but I doubt they'll give us stuff for free like birthdays and whatnot, that's reserved for special occasions that kabam thinks are necessary
  • Who has a 365 day or 730 day login streak?

    I can agree with suggestions 2 thru 5.

    There are games with daily rewards with multipliers based on number of days for consecutive login days.
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    I already made a thread about Birthdays...Vydious does not approve
  • I love the idea but I'm gonna wait until 8.0 before I can cast my vote on this poll.

    You see, I'm all about getting moar rewards but what's the point of having them if there's nothing to use them on. More potential rewards means faster progression, faster progression means more powerful bots, and more powerful bots gives people a need to do more content. The problem is that there is nothing really much to do outside of Spotlight or AM. You have all of these great Bots that are leveled up, but after doing Spotlight, you kind of have nothing else to do with them. It's like buying a bunch of Transformers figures, but your display case has a limited amount of space, so some just sit there. I just feel like there should be a bit more content before thinking about new rewards, because I don't want progression to be TOO fast and getting people bored quicker. It's why I'm waiting until 8.0 to vote for my decision because we're actually getting new events and content on that update, thus letting me decide if this game should allow new rewards for challenging content.

    Sorry for not deciding on the poll, as the suggestions are great :/
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    Not spending money until new content comes out.
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