Looking for Alliance

I’m a lvl 46 player with a main team of 2 5* and 3 4* with a power ranking of 15,500

That work for anyone?


  • CarrotBoy2kCarrotBoy2k Posts: 71
    I'm being a bit nosy, but with a power rank of 15,500...by any chance are you forging away most of your bots?

    If so, my friendly advice is to try to build your roster back up. Keep unused bots around, so you can get the bonus rewards for duplicating them. Forge selectively, when you really need to. Just my $0.02.
  • MrBludMrBlud Posts: 4
    No offense taken, I only forge once bots they reach lvl 100 so only some 2* ones so far.

    My roster has 111 bots so I think I have plenty lol.
  • CarrotBoy2kCarrotBoy2k Posts: 71
    Ah, okay, I should've figured that out. Early senior moment I guess, lol.
  • MrBludMrBlud Posts: 4
    Thanks for the invite BlackRazak!
  • Have you found a home yet??
    If not nest family has alliances playing AM map3lvl10 up to 30+ we have 5 alliances that are AM driven and one event driven use line app for chat
    Hit me up if interested
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