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T4 class spark



  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,779
    and what about every offer that isn't t4c? What about those of us that bought any 5* deals, t3c deals, t2a deals, t3a deals? You can't just single out two particular offers and state the game is now unfair
  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,779
    小龙女 wrote: »
    DaveJL wrote: »
    小龙女 wrote: »
    iBK wrote: »
    Just because you have 8 5*s after two months of gameplay doesn't mean everyone does. I saw your thread earlier where you said yourself that you spent over 800 USD just on the Thundercracker missions. Not everyone has that kind of money to splash out on a mobile game, and god knows how much you've spent over two months.

    How you choose to spend your money is your choice, but to compare your experience of the game to regular players and to suggest that the pace of the game should be changed in your favour isn't right.

    I started playing three months ago and I've got six 5* bots after lots of grinding. I don't even have a single R3 5* bot yet at this stage and I'm sure most people who started playing at the same time as myself are in similar positions. You make it seem as if it's easy to rack up 5* bots over just two months but fail to mention the amount of money you've spent on the game to get to where you are now, if you want your T4 class spark, it looks like you're going to have to work for it like the rest of us for now.

    Sorry for the rant, just had to get it out of my system

    I agree with your reasoning.

    But why you can buy 2 of it if you played earlier than I do?






    In that sense it is extremely unfair.

    It should be more like everybody gets to buy 2 of them max in their lifetime.

    It is more like Kabam found out people buy these things and instantly gets to beat everybody else and maxed out. And the game become pointless cuz you already beat everybody. People then leave the game out of boredem.

    So Kabam decided to make it only available to top alliance to keep the game interesting and have a goal.

    As for those lucky guys that got them, everybody would just hope someday they get to college and get married and be done with the game and GO AWAY.

    So hopefully all of those early comers leave the game soon so the game becomes fair again.

    Let me give you analogy if anybody wants to argue.
    What do you think would happen if government tells you if you are born before 1980, you can buy houses that’s more than 1 million dollars with a rebate of 70%? And you will retire with 1 million dollars in your bank automatically if you are born before 1980?

    Does that sound fair?

    Sure you don’t spend a dime. But if I am born before 1980 and I can spend 300k to get a 1 million dollar house. I am a spender so what?

    Stupid analogy. Kabam didn't make the offer available to people who have been playing x amount of years, they made it available to everyone who was playing at that time.

    I can't go and demand that the government make available to me all of the schemes available to people years ago before I was alive or working or whatever.

    Your reasoning is even more stupid. So if Kabam gave everyone that logged in the first day unobtainable bot that is 20millon rating and they end up owning your base rading everything, that sounds fair to you?
    That’s the tone and reasoning you are going with.

    If somebody before your time obtained some precious things, that’s fair because they came before you?

    Actually this sort of did happen. The beta players had relics and stuff from spotlights that weren't available. XP boosting relics namely, that made it easier for them to level up.

    They also had access to early deals to be able to r5 a 4* bot, so it was very difficult to catch up to them.

    Yeah, there was a time where a r5 4* bot wasn't obtainable by f2p or p2p and the only people who had them were early players. Now look.

    Kabam also changed the rewards for the anniversary depending on how long you have played.

    If there is another t4c deal, you can buy one. Everyone else will be able to buy it if they want. Anyone who has already bought the other two will have 3, though. It's because we have been playing longer and thus, progressed further. We wont keep buying them every time they pop up. I don't buy t3c deals because they aren't good value to me any more. If a t4c deal is no longer good value to me because they are easier to obtain, I wont buy and then players who didn't buy before but want to catch up might buy it.
  • JKLJKL Posts: 997
    Maybe he wants the T1a for $100 offer we got before?
  • Darm0kDarm0k Posts: 2,485
    edited April 2019
    JKL wrote: »
    Maybe he wants the T1a for $100 offer we got before?

    Interesting thought. I’m pretty sure he missed that one. Maybe Kabam could set it so he has to buy the deal before moving to the next one he missed. Eventually he’ll get to the t4c.
    Vavatron wrote: »


    Hah, I would have just kept watching.... 😏
  • lightningbaronlightningbaron Posts: 595
    edited April 2019
    小龙女 wrote: »
    @lightningbaron and look like some lvl 47 kid whining about raid control Should need some parental control on his android phone.

    Speaks very highly of you.
  • Red_EyesRed_Eyes Posts: 994
    Darm0k wrote: »
    小龙女 wrote: »
    Kudos to your altitude

    Is it because he took the high ground?

  • You can get a t4 essence crystal by getting 3,000,000 points in the Bot Battle alliance objectives
  • 小龙女小龙女 Posts: 641
    You can get a t4 essence crystal by getting 3,000,000 points in the Bot Battle alliance objectives
    Beastdad wrote: »
    Complaining about wanting another $100 single crystal offer? I feel bad for all of those that bought tier 1 alphas back in the day for that price.

    Don't get me wrong, would love to have my first T4C, but I can promise you I wont be spending $100 bucks on one.

    Not sure if my post contributed anything, but when kabam sold T4c in store a couple weeks ago, I instantly bought. Now waiting for a tronus and looking to do some serious damage with a 12k rating tronus
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 2,157
    edited May 2019
    Man you gotta remember, this game is a business venture. They're gonna offer things to players who are willing to spend so that the majority can play it for free.
    The whales are what CARRY this game. Those who spend hundreds to be on a top competitive level. No pain, no gain. I spend from time to time, but never $100...but it's there if I want to.
    That's fair.
    That's life.
    If you stop spending,the spenders will ensure you still have a great game to play, therefore they deserve to be rewarded as such.
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