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V 0.3 Release Notes Discussion Thread

The newest iteration of Forget to Fight is coming today! Check out the Release Notes and ask us your questions!


  • Looks great Miike, thank you !
  • ToughnutToughnut Posts: 201
    Hey miike, not updating on IOS.

    It's stuck in loading screen, tried deleting game and downloading new updated version, nothing. Wont let me download.

    Please get some word on what's going on, thanks.
  • AmanoAmano Posts: 318
    Will this update include story mode balance so those of us with hard mode can finally quest?
  • You might have to switch to the store you downloaded from or alternatively try Turbo VPN and set to Canada or Denmark
  • Is the android version out?? I cannot seem to update and it doesnt even prompt me to
  • Amano wrote: »
    Will this update include story mode balance so those of us with hard mode can finally quest?

    Yes! All players will be on the same difficulty now. If you're in a quest already, you won't see the change until you enter another quest.
  • If you're still not seeing the update, or are having troubles getting it to down, give your device a reset. That should solve the situation!
  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    Thanks for giving us a patch log
  • Is there a log somewhere of the character changes? My sideswipe doesn't proc man I'm good anymore...
  • Hello plss help me, i cant update the game same with others, but the problem is i uninstall the game. Then after that i try to install in the playstore but i cant install bcoz the game said coming soon. Im lvl28 :( plss help me.
  • Hi i have a question. If the game is unistall from ur device, all your data is gone? Even if u have a kabam id? Plss let me now :(
  • @HiGHprofile21, make sure you're signed into the correct playstore account. This game is still in beta and only available in select locations at this time.

    Since you've saved your progress with your Kabam ID, your data is saved on our servers. Once you're able to update the game and sign back in, you will be able to load your account just as it was last time you were logged into the account!
  • Thank you for answering my question :) now im confident to play again once i download the game, my fault is i uninstall the game to fix but im wrong. I use http injector app and the server is singgapore, then when i visit playstore the only see in the app game is coming soon. But any way more power to you and to the transformer team. Goodjob guys :) exelent :)
  • Http injector is like a vpn connection, and my ehi now is singgapore server. But im in philipines now. How can i sign in the correct playstore account? Sorry for question, im really mis i wish to play again.
  • Hi im playing again, thanks for guiding me :) more powers to u and to the team :)
  • MustangjonMustangjon Posts: 1,146
    Good luck High glad u got it worked out
  • I have been worried about my account for the release date also wondering when chapter four in act two comes out as well as the special quest please let me know whats going on im finished 100% exploration and in need of those two three star bots im hoping to dupe my iron dude lol
  • Im excited 4 the next update :) more new comes out :) special the raiding system and the value of alpha spark, and the event mission hehe sorry im assuming kabam. I like your game and im waiting for the new moves of the team kabam :)
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