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T3 ore 13 away crystal

Can someone tell at which commander level you get t3 ore crystal in away mission?


  • I'm at level 47 and getting t3 ore ones
  • its based on your bot ratings not your commander level. if your top 3 bots are around 12k then you are close to getting t3 ore. It dosn't seem to be an exact number.
    Take a look back through the posts on here and you should find another one talking about this very thing, in there you'll see a little bit of trial and error for those (like me) that tried to work out when it would change from t2 to t3.
  • fovdy2aewzgs.png
    That's my bots
  • So it's over 12k rating
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 2,114
    Miike talks about requirements in the announcement thread
  • Can you share the link?
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