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Are T3 Crystals Broken?

I only mention this as I have never, not once, received a T3 Tactician Class Spark after opening hundreds upon hundreds of these. My inventory of all other classes is full - I have 0 Tactician - am I alone here?


  • PeasPeas Posts: 72
    It seems like tactical and scout T3 are all I can get. It’s so bad I have to sell them before they expire. But tech t3... only got one.
  • I think you just have bad RNG luck. I've gotten more scout and warrior than most, but still enough of the other classes that I've maxed out on most of them.
  • I think it's just RNG luck. I made a thread the other day cause I seem to get a massive imbalance of T3B compared to T3C and T2A, but no-one else made a single comment agreeing. I get some T3Tact, but think I've only spun 1 T3Tech since they started. 🤷‍♂️
  • when you open crystals of 1 tier, sometimes an alpha spark will drop out (it is written a rare chance to drop an alpha spark of 120 crystals that 2 drops out, but), but it is not in the inventory, please correct
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