Which option would rather be better?

I’m estimating myself to be having 20K Beast War Chips by the last day of the event. I know that the crystals are gonna go on store that day. Which option would be better?

Which option would rather be better? 15 votes

13 (3*-5*) Crystals
1 (5*) Crystal
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  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 2,940
    I'm buying 4* bots.
  • 1 (5*) Crystal
    I agree with @KillMasterC here and will use my chips on 4* bots to become forge resources down the road. Part of my decision is based on the fact that I already have all BW bots. They are all duped except Rhinox and I have awakenings for him.

    Objectively, I would take 5* crystal instead of gambling with the other 3-5 types.
  • PeasPeas Posts: 69
    1 (5*) Crystal
    This is a tuff one for me. I’ve had some great luck with 3-5* crystals. But I’ve had some LONG streaks of nothing but 3*.
    I think it’s a question of how much you like to gamble. I voted for the five star but the advice on the four stars makes perfect sense too.
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