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Regular release bots

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I kept chips in my storage for over a year waiting for the 5* Megatronus, Because I couldn’t swing the chips in 2018, did I seriously just waste my time waiting for Megatronus to come back in the store for a million chips??? @Kabam Vydious if so I really don’t understand Megatronus is no exclusive at all Galvatron has more power on specials, and Ratchet heals way better than Tronus

The main reason for this post, is the players who joined the fight at the beginning could buy Megatronus, and newbies at that time such as myself never got the chance to spend a million chips on a 5* Tronus , it just doesn’t seem like fair game play, I really think Kabam owes us the chance to purchase this bot in the store like everyone else did 2 years ago


  • I never said there wasn't the chance he'd be made available again. I said he wouldn't be part of the rotation and was right up there with the exclusives due to his level of existence in the fight. We'll take the feedback and I'll be sure the team hears about it, but I can't make you any promises about a change in this.
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