No new bots so more focus can be on... new masteries?

There are still a bunch of these:


I feel like we’ve been staring at these question marks for almost forever now.

Also, probably let us level up more so we can get more mastery points.


  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 2,057
    I feel like that would be an extremely easy thing for them to do.
  • FirebotFirebot Posts: 72
    but what about the players at lvl 60?
    i mean what about the xp they have earned?
    they should get so many mastery pts then
  • Decimus234Decimus234 Posts: 538
    Masteries are supposed to be matched with your play style. If you had all of them, the game would lose the point of having you top bots be the ones you fight best with.
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