What's going with forging?

So the new update brought us a new icon on our bot's page above the hp. It represent the circle of classes, but we had no information about how this work whatsoever.

Every bot starts with a x100% which would suggest it does 100% more damages to the class he has advantage on. Well, probably not. After using some 1* fully upgraded on a 2 *, I get to a forging level of 14 and the multiplicator goes down to x80%.

So what does that mean? This makes no sense and a bit of an explanation would be much appreciated!


  • CandKaneCandKane Posts: 718
    I had similar questions, been playing with 2 and 3 star bots and while it seems like 3* starts at 100 and goes up, and 2* starts at 50 and goes up, sometimes weird stuff happens
  • PeyotePeyote Posts: 163
    I've only seen bot starting at 100%, even after restarting the game many times (and I have all the latest updates).
    It would actually makes a lot of more sense if bots were starting at 50% and were going up. Display bug maybe...
  • CandKaneCandKane Posts: 718
    Hmm yeah that could be it. I'll have to pay more attention when forging
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