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Smashed max forge level

MalinatorMalinator Posts: 5
edited August 2017 in Bugs and Known Issues
Hi all,

I decided to do some forging and forged about 10 bots in to my Soundwave. It said it would get to about 62/75 IIRC. Turns out it went all of the way up to 91/75?? Ive restarted the app but it still says 91/75. I can't forge anymore in to it as its considered max level.. Has this happened before? What should i do??


  • asparagusasparagus Posts: 165
    That's awesome. For some folks the forge level ends up less than what it says it will.
  • HautzHautz Posts: 3
    This happened with my Megatron, hopefully the next maintenance will correct some of these oddities.
  • ManthroManthro Posts: 2,749
    edited August 2017
    The easiest thing to do would be to unlock forge level 100 any forging the lower tier Soundwave into this Soundwave.

    But... I wouodnt even level it up. Just forge it into your bot at base level
  • you should count yourself lucky as this appears to be a glitch in your favour - you shouldn't be able to get that high without first unlocking the full forge by forging 2* SW into him (and i don't think he exists?)

    What you have there is probably the most powerful 3* SW in the game... until the glitch gets corrected, and you essentially throw away the extra bots you used to take him above 75.
  • That's the weirdest Forge Level related issue I've seen.... I'll take it to the team!
  • Lol… just… lol
  • This is the greatest bug I've ever heard of… but you were right to report it.
  • MutantdocMutantdoc Posts: 433
    Don't worry it will be fixed ASAP!
  • KrugaKruga Posts: 123
    @Kabam Miike I hope you guys allow Malinator to keep the overshot forge levels, as a reward for his honesty? :smile:
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