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about garbled and Image bug



  • KillMasterCKillMasterC Posts: 3,105
    Hello @Kabam Vydious , it's been a while so I'd bump this post to know if the upcoming maintenance includes this bug fix, if there is one. Thank you!

  • serdoodserdood Posts: 115
    Wanted to bring this back up again since 8.3 is coming. Is this fixed yet? Still can’t read a lot of the bots abilities etc.
  • serdoodserdood Posts: 115
    edited December 2019
    Just got the new update still have same garbled words...

    I am still seeing a lot of ms_id_ui text all over the place
  • TiekusTiekus Posts: 10
    I having this problem for almost 1 jear now. I contacted kabam more than one's about this. But now solution or what so ever. I have several phones at the moment. It's not working on Honor view 20 / android 9 and 10, also not working on Razer phone 2 / Android 9. The weird thing is that I have a Huawei mate 9 witch I downgraded to Android 8 and that works perfectly fine. But I don't use the phone because it's broketu8anmrxlzi8.png
  • TiekusTiekus Posts: 10
    I solution would be nice. After such long time.
  • RezaReza Posts: 2
  • serdoodserdood Posts: 115
    Still not fixed....
  • Hm, okay. Thank you @serdood!

    I talked with the team about this and it sounds like a big reason this could be happening is due to a weakened connection to our servers, thus causing a translation issue in the text files and it therefore defaults to that. It's something we're going to look into, for sure, but at the moment we don't have an immediate fix.

    Thank you again for that information, this actually helps a lot with our investigation.

    This is still relevant. It makes it hard to pinpoint an issue like this. Doesn't mean we aren't but it's something to keep in mind.
  • serdoodserdood Posts: 115
    Understood. I have uninstalled and reinstalled on multiple devices and multiple connections. It's just frustrating to not be able to see what is what especially the abilities.
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