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How do YOU Play with Shockwave?

Shockwave is an excellent bot. He has decent power control and his DPS Isnt too bad either. There are many ways you can play with. Im curious as to how other's use him. Describe how you play with everyone's favorite one-eyed bot and who you pair him up with for synergies below. Also, is a full tech team with Shockwave worth it?


  • I don't like running a full team of Techs except as just a fun novelty, although Shockwave turns into a one-bot wrecking ball with all those buffs. I tend to use dash-back to bait ranged shots then respond with heavies when I can, or my own basic ranges of I can't safely heavy. S1 tends to be the only special I use, although Wasp, Bay Megs, etc get S2 if I can time it to short-circuit repairs. Since my 4* team is mostly Autobots, Shockwave doesn't get as much use as Mirage, but he's still a really nice bot
  • 0VERKILL0VERKILL Posts: 75
    edited September 2018
    Well, this one I like to put in a bunch of different action poses and make "pew pew" sounds while imagining him commanding the garrison on Cybertron.

    And this one I like to.... well... I'll leave it up to your imagination, but in some ways it's similar to the first.

  • DaveJLDaveJL Posts: 1,779
    I team him with Soundwave and basically play as normal, spam sp1 unless I'm against a typically ranged attacking bot, in which case I block ranged attacks and fire back or use a heavy if possible. Don't use sp2 or 3 too much, unless against Grimlock, Ratchet or Demotron.
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 2,157
    I play him with heavy concentration. You have to keep yourself from dodging the ranged attacks because he absorbs them and throw them back as shocks. Undo is also based on a percentage of each power bar, so obviously the more power stored the better the chance to trigger it.ad9un45ggont.png
  • Shockwave is my go to bot on spotlight for anything, even against class advantage. Actually been the bot that won for me against Cheetos and jazz on expert.

    Anyway, a good g1 cons team will **** any all tech setup for shockwave. I use g1 meg and galvatron and it’s a really strong setup between them 3 (other 2 spots alternating between WB/bludgeon and grimlock/starscream depending on spotlight path mods).

    Shockwave is one of those few bots that go above class, and hold their own against class disadvantage, like g1 prime and Megatron, maybe prowl, ironhide and mv1 prime to a lesser extent.
  • Sycko5Sycko5 Posts: 206
    I don’t even have him :'(
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,949
    SP1 spam like Hawkeye
  • Block and Shock.
  • seeker1321seeker1321 Posts: 83
    edited September 2018
    Block and Shock.


    I pair him with Galvatron and they are a great combination. They give each other +16% Damage on Heavy Attacks on Special Attack 3.

    My current team of 5 doesn't include a tact. but either one of these two pair can handle the brawlers I face. Depending on which brawler, determines which one of them I use.
  • DrShotgunDrShotgun Posts: 2,157
    I love the living weapon synergy that boosts Galvatrons damage...then Cyclonus gives Galvatron the synergy to boost everyone's damage.
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