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Predicons terrorise!

In this months event rhinox meantioned a few press listed below witch means they are teasing more preds. So witch one do you want. I am putting in quick strike and predaking in it to even though rhinox didn’t meantion them 2 they were found in the game files

Predicons terrorise! 23 votes

Tralantulas transmeatal
French_BakerPhatBoy123ScarredArachnid333RyanunprimeVanjie 5 votes
BumblebeeManthroAnnatarJOUSTJmdBlack_Thoughtmagnusprime777Red_EyesIssy543 9 votes
UrAverageMalakaOptimalOptimus_MV1Sycko5 3 votes
BaRdYaAmN 1 vote
Quick strike
Predacon_OrderJoker69Jazz444SlayerHungarr 5 votes


  • Tralantulas transmeatal
    I wil close this at the end of November
  • Inferno
    Dang it I didn't see predaking. Would have chose him
  • Tralantulas transmeatal
    Predaking is on there at the bottem
  • Inferno
    The royalty demands it!
  • Blackarachnia transmetal
  • Jazz444Jazz444 Posts: 2,021
    I’d love to have this G1 big boy 👍
  • ScarredArachnid333ScarredArachnid333 Posts: 1,856
    edited November 2018
    Tralantulas transmeatal
    Dang it, you beat me to it. I was gonna make a Predacon Poll. Aw well, I'm just gonna rank the poll suggestions from
    Most Wanted to Least Wanted.

    #1: Tarantulas (Transmetal)
    #2: Blackarachnia
    #3: Beast Wars Inferno
    #4: Rampage/Protoform X
    #5: Predaking
    #6: Quickstrike
    #7: Cicadacon

    Why Tarantulas is at the Top:
    Tarantulas is at the top because he was always such a unique character to me. He's somewhat of an amalgamation of Starscream and Shockwave, having Starscream's treachery and Shockwave's intelligence. He's also one of the most disturbing characters in the franchise due to his cannibalistic nature and his enigmatic origins. And I would prefer his Transmetal form since it has more access to his disection tools and web gadgets.
    Why Cicadacon is so Low:
    A major reason why this character is so low is because I he was on the show for about 5 minutes. The Tripredacus Council is part of the Beast Wars lore, but they didn't leave an impact on the show. I will admit, what they did before the Beast Wars was cool, but it's still not good enough. I would rank him higher if they included the combiner he's in, Predacus.
  • Blackaracnia
    Go Blackarachnia!!! We need more female transformers!!!
  • BaRdYaAmNBaRdYaAmN Posts: 1,506
    I chose rampage because he's a sadist, otherwise I would've chosen Megatron even though he's not on the list 😥
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