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Wich new Bots and Relics do you recommend for Forged to Fight?

Forged to Fight is expanding over time. Each month, new updates, Spotlight Missions, Arenas, Crystals, Bots, Mods, and even Relics, INC. But Kabam has lots of options to explore for this game, just like they did with their other well-succeded game: Marvel's Contest of Champions. Wich new BOTS and RELICS do you recommend for Kabam to apply for the game?


  • Here are my recommendations, Kabam. I hope you enjoy them, and maybe, futurely, they become part of this great game...:

    Recommended Bots:

    - Starscream, Thundercracker and Skywarp [G1].
    - Predaking [TF Prime]
    - Nemesis Prime [G1]
    - Black Arachnia [Beast Wars]
    - Crosshairs [Age of Extinction]

    Recommended Relics:

    - Predacon Fossile [TF Prime]
    - Matrix of Leadership [G1]
    - The Golden Disc [Beast Wars]
    - Staff of Merlin [The Last Knight]
    - Volatile Red Energon Cube [G1]
    - Kremzeek Cell [G1]
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,949
    Here are my recommendations
    Recommended bots:

    - Star Saber (Victory)
    - Deathsaurus (Victory)
    - Cliffjumper (G1)
    - Wheeljack (G1)
    - Cyclonus (G1)
    - Bombshell (G1)
    - Dinobot (Beast Wars)
    - Megatron (Beast Wars)
    - Rattrap (Beast Wars)
    - Tarantulas (Beast Wars)
    - Smokescreen (Prime)
    - Knockout (Prime) (I need a Ratchet replacement :'( )

    Recommended relics:
    - Forge of Solus Prime
    - G1 Matrix of Leadership
    - Enigma of Combination (for the combiners)
  • These bots I recommend and think would be a great success to the game are

    -Sideswipe (dark of the moon)
    -The other dinobots (G1)
    -Jazz (G1)
    -Shockwave (dark of the moon)
    -Megatron (G1)
    -blitswing (G1)
    -The Fallen (revenge of the fallen)
    -Sentinel Prime (Dark of the moon)
    -Mirage (dark of the moon)
    -Sunstreaker (G1)
    -Hot Spot (G1)
    -Rodimus prime (G1)
    -Blaster (G1)
    -Astrotrain (G1)
    -Warpath (G1)
  • Gunz0Gunz0 Posts: 2,949
    edited May 2018
    Sorry for necroing this thread, but I have more relic recommendations:
    1. Lightning bug: Increases damage over time damage by 6%
    2. Requiem blaster: +10% attack against bosses
    3. Apex Armor: +10% armor rating in special missions
    4. 4 Horses of Unicron: My own "fan-created" relic based on this: https://tfwiki.net/wiki/Unicron's_Four_Horsemen
    - Horse of War: +30% attack in all game modes
    - Horse of Death: +50% crit rate in all game modes
    - Horse of Famine: +50% repair rate
    - Horse of Pestilence: +40% debuff duration on the opponent in all game modes
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