All these updates kabam makes and tells us "some bugs are fixed" are not actually fixed. Our bots are getting worse. He fixes his own bots and upgrades them to ridiculous rating that very few can actually finish, more-so on Master Special Missions. Several months ago, most of us barely finished Master and now can't even accomplish it. Their rating almost doubles with those ridiculous mods. One of my 5 star bot has a rating of 7800 and goes against 6500 enemy bot, their bot removes my health 4x faster than my bot. I AM PISSED OFF AND THIS GAME IS BECOMING A PIECE OF JUNK. Came really close of UNINSTALLING. How the HELL can we rank up our 5 star bots and 4 star mods when there is zero to non possibility to get those sparks. KABAM REALLY NEEDS TO PUT HIS HEAD INTO THIS GAME AND UPDATE IT HONESTLY TO OUR ADVANTAGE. Most players would agree on this because I chatted with a lot of them and read their comments.


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    Hi pissed off I'm dad
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    @PISSED_OFF you can do master with r5 4*s.
    And those new ore13 crystals give you a really good shot at t4e, t3c, t3a, t3b.

    Pipe down
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    Grow up and use your real account to post rants, stop hiding behind the mask

  • Hello Everyone,

    This thread is more of a rant and is not very constructive. For that reason, I am going to go ahead and close the thread down.
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