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  • Re: AM Changes

    Hey Guys,

    I'm going to admit it. We dropped the ball on this one, and I feel terrible about it. We're very sorry for not getting you this information earlier. We should have told you guys all of the changes before they happened, but it completely slipped by. I'm getting something together for you guys right now with a complete list of changes, but I'm not sure if we'll have this together today.

    I'll also be gathering some information on some of the points you guys have brought up about rewards and taking it to the team right away.

    Again, I am very sorry about this and any confusion or frustration we may have caused.
  • Re: Why was the AI changed in the first place?

    Hey Guys,

    As we have stated in other threads, the AI was actually tuned down in difficulty and aggression, but there was the unintended side effect of a different fix that is making the AI dodge heavy attacks a lot more often than before.

    We are working on getting this fixed as soon as we can, and hope that there is something that we can do server side that will alleviate the issue, and may even have one ready by the time Alliance Missions start!

    As for it being harder to bait specials... That's the opposite of what should have happened. We made a change to make the AI less likely to hold until their Special 3. I'm gonna have the team check in on this, because I have not been noticing this myself in Chapter 3 or the Spotlight.
  • Re: Poll: I enjoy the game more after the increase in AI difficulty

    Hey All,

    So, what we're seeing most here is complaints about the Opponent avoiding your Heavy Attacks more. Is that correct? Because while we definitely tuned down the aggression of the AI and made some changes to make it easier, the new tendency to evade Heavy Attacks was an unintended side effect of a correction to the heavy distance of some Bots.

    This is something that we are researching and looking at finding a remedy for. I just want to reiterate that the AI has NOT been made more difficult, but this evading thing is definitely annoying.
  • Re: Motormaster unstoppable without dashing

    Hey Guys,

    Where are you noticing this happening? The AI should not be able to do anything that players cannot. Is it in base Raids? Because there are Mods that can do that, and he does gain an Unstoppable Buff by using his Special 2 as well. But I just want to rule these out before taking this to the team.
  • Next Alliance Missions Start June 21st

    Hi All,

    Many of you may be wondering when Alliance Missions are starting up again. Well, with the launch of 2.0, we decided to err on the side of caution to ensure that everything was running well before starting the next round. We have chosen to wait until June 21st to start the next Alliance Missions.

    We're sorry for any confusion this delay may have caused, and for any adjustments this may bring to your known schedules.