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  • Re: Deceptive crystal sales

    Hey Trailfire!

    Thanks for the feedback. I'll be sure to take your concerns to the team!
  • Issue with Alliance Missions for Alliances on Higher Difficulty Levels of Alliance Missions

    Hey Commanders,

    It's been a long day here, and for many of you as well. We're looking into a few issues that arose after the launch of 3.0, and plan to have another iteration out very soon that should address these issues.

    We just concluded an investigation and have found the cause of a problem that is affecting Alliances running Alliance Missions on higher difficulty levels. We are currently working on administering the fix, but unfortunately this won't be active until you start your next rounds tomorrow.

    We know this isn't the solution many are hoping for, and we will continue discussing the impact that this had on your Alliances in the morning.

    For now, rest assured that this will be fixed tomorrow.
  • Re: Transformers Forged to Fight Changelog

    Version 3.0 will be available August 16th with brand new features, improvements and fixes!

    Here’s more on what’s coming to The Fight:

    Masteries have arrived!

    Earn Mastery Points by increasing your Commander level. Your first point will be earned at level 18.
    Everytime you level up after, you’ll receive another point. Strategically configure your Masteries to suit any challenge and strengthen your team. With this feature, you will invest Mastery Points into Offensive or Defensive abilities and stats. Read more about Commander Masteries here: https://transformersforgedtofight.com/commander-masteries/

    Act 3, Chapter 2 is now unlocked now for you to explore!

    Megatron’s rise to power as ruler of The New Quintessa Wastelands becomes paramount. His threat is believed to be so great that The Quintessons need you, Commanders, and Optimus Prime to join forces to defeat Megatron! Beware of the Sharkticons while you battle through this quest, they’ve been enhanced and can’t wait to sink their teeth into you, Commanders! Will Drift get corrupted by Megatron’s influence? Are the Quintessons to be trusted? Find out in Chapter 2!

    Battle for Bots in new Raid Events, visible in the Battle Center!

    Limited time raid events are showcased in the Battle Center.
    Win Raids while events are running to earn Bot Chips to buy new Bots.

    - Check out your Alliance’s final rank and rewards after each Alliance Mission in a new summary screen.
    - Medal counts are displayed in the Alliance member list
    - Improvements to shield communication on the Base
    - Added a warning when attempting to use a shield while already under attack
    - Added a setting to hide previously seen dialogue in a Mission during replays
    - Timing out in Alliance Missions will not KO the Bot, but will deal a health penalty
    - A shortcut to the stash has been re-added to the Upgrade screen ORE-13 selection
    - Rewards, Sparks, and Items in the stash are now sorted by expiry date by default
    - Alliance tags now display in the Friends list
    - Item images should load faster throughout the entire game
    - Performance on the Crystals, Bots, and Edit Team screens has been improved
    - Stability when doing many raids in a row has been improved
    - The Alliance Mission exclusivity warning will never show again if asked
    - Alliance Missions will default to the last map and difficulty selected
    - Alignment issues on the daily login calendar popup have been resolved
    - Away Missions scroll properly again
    - Fixed many crashes and hangs
    - Spelling, grammar, and localization updates

    NOTE: Previous versions of these notes include the Following, which will not be part of the 3.0 Update:

    A shortcut to Bot abilities has been added to the pre-fight screen.

    This will be added in a later release.

    Questions? We've got answers! Head to our Discussion Thread: http://forums.transformersforgedtofight.com/discussion/1655/version-3-0-discussion-thread/
  • Re: Am difficulty level and other things...

    Hey Guys,

    We are looking into just what is happening. I'm less concerned about the BG lists because if you absolutely must see who is in each battlegroup, you can close the App out and open again. Not to say that we won't be looking into fixing it.

    What's more concerning is the difficulty of the Alliance Missions, because this was not an intended change. We did not mean to increase the difficulty of all Maps above 66. We're currently working on a fix for the situation.
  • Re: Game crashes in story mode punishes players

    Hey All,

    First of all, let's not dig up old threads that are pretty outdated. The information contained within is usually not relevant anymore.

    Now, for the topic at hand... We've been over this multiple times.

    We know that there is definitely more work that needs to be done on stability, and we are doing just that! It's a long term process though, and it can't be done overnight. We've made a huge number of improvements over the last few months, and will continue to work to make this game run buttery smooth on as many devices as possible!

    That being said, it will never be possible for this game to run 100% smoothly on every single device. There are 100s of thousands of different devices out there, and every single one of them is different. You may think that you have a high end device and that means that you should be able to run the game, but your device manufacturer may have invested their resources in say... the processor, but not the GPU. It could run other games really well, but maybe not this one.

    Another issue becomes different settings on devices that users have set. Are you Running a Custom OS? Do you have power saving modes on? Are you getting a lot of push notifications? These are just a few factors that can affect the performance of the game.

    Like I said, we're going to keep working on making this game run smoother on all devices, but thinking that this can happen overnight is not realistic. It will be a long term process.