Something new and fun! (Special attacks glitching)

Newest glitch since the updoot: anyone been hitting their special< only to have the screen go dark for a split second, and power bar drain accordingly, yet NO SPECIAL??


  • Srsly? Nobody else has encountered this?
  • Haven't encountered it on iphone 7 plus
  • Sycko5Sycko5 Posts: 153
    I have yet to see this on iPhone 8
  • Well.. i AM on droid. And i haven't encountered this glitch in about a week, but man, was it infuriating when it happened.
  • Hey @Bodyopus79,

    What device exactly were you using? That doesn't sound like something we've heard much about, but want to put it on our team's radar!
  • I havent encountered it -much- since I posted this to be fair and honest, but it was definitely a thing that was happening, besides id much rather you take care of the constant crashing everytime i try to start a raid, spotlight, or AM match since 7.0.
  • And i am using a Motorola e5
  • Oh, and now the game likes to stick on the loading screen while the fight starts. There's nothing more fun than listening to the AI beat me down, knowing that I have no choice but to exit the game and come back to 50% health.
  • I wish i was recording at the time it happened to me tonight against cheetor


    iPhone 7+
    iOS12 full version
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