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    OG autobots
    Prime, Bee, Jazz, Prowl, Bluestreak, Smokescreen, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, Mirage, Wheeljack, Ironhide, Ratchet, Windcharger, Brawn, Cliffjumper, Huffer

    OG Cons
    Megs, Starscream, Soundwave, Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Buzzsaw, Laserbeak, Reflector (3), Skywarp, Thundercracker, Shockwave.

    We already have
    Optimus, Bee, Jazz, Prowl, Sideswipe, Mirage, Wheeljack, Ratchet, Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, and Shockwave
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    Good day fellow Leaders.
    Personally I would appreciate the full squad of OG dinobots, Rotimus Prime, Astrotrain, the real OG Jetfire.
    OG defined as the original group of transformers from cartoons.

    We already have the OG Jetfire
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    @Jazz444 can't believe i left out Gears, Trailbreaker, Hound (not the chain-smoking fat one) and Tracks.
    Still pretty sure i missed some S01 bots.
    Amazing when you think of it.
    Each and every Autobot, Decepticon had a completely different personality.
    They really did care.
    And all these guys came out in a span of 3 years.

    Now tell me a single different personality amongst Bay's autobots.
    Or Decepticons.

    But those other bots you mentioned are already in F2F
    They are not Bay formers their G1 from Combiner Wars and other G1 Series
    The only Bay formers in this game are MV1 Optimus, Bee, BoneCrusher, Grindor, Barricade, and Megatron
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    @BlackRazak I’m sorry bro I thought you were requesting OG Autobots and OG Decepticons you were just naming them from the 1st episodes lol 😂 sorry bro I mis understood, because this being a suggestion thread

    I definitely hope the rest of the original Autobots and Decepticons get added soon
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    @Jazz444 i know they're from
    Let me clarify:

    G1- Good characterization
    Bayverse- All unlikable 'badarses', no character traits

    Also you forgot Bay's Hound and Hotrod

    Poor Drift, Ironhide and Mixmaster ... they deserve to be remembered too

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    BlackRazak wrote: »
    @Jazz444 i know they're from
    Let me clarify:

    G1- Good characterization
    Bayverse- All unlikable 'badarses', no character traits

    Also you forgot Bay's Hound and Hotrod

    Poor Drift, Ironhide and Mixmaster ... they deserve to be remembered too

    Just gonna put @Bi1b0Baggins masterpiece here.
  • @BlackRazak
    You know, even though we aren't close to getting all of OG Autobots in the game, we're still close to getting all of the OG Maximals. Just gotta add Rattrap and that's it.
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    You know, even though we aren't close to getting all of OG Autobots in the game, we're still close to getting all of the OG Maximals. Just gotta add Rattrap and that's it.

    Now that's a SMALL cast.
    Primal, Rhinox, Cheetor, Rattrap, Dinobot.
    Small but PERFECTION.

    Weird we've got the shelf-warmers as Predacons.
    At this point, Kabam should take a gamble with this 2fer

    Bat Optimus v Megaligator

    Don't know why Kabam is slacking on the Predacons. They have so much potential!

    Also, I'm gonna go with Bat Optimus. He isn't a Pred, but he gives me a Batman vibe.
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    I can’t believe I forgot some Bay formers in this game lol 😂
    I’ll never try typing on here again while watching a NASCAR race lol 😂
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    @BlackRazak lol I saw that too
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    BlackRazak wrote: »

    Welcome, to Marvel: Future Fight, If you're feeling suicidal then you've come to the right place.
  • I REALLLLLLY want TLK Optimus Prime to be added to the game!! I would do anything to get him as a five star in my mission squad😍💙❤️😍 Please please please make this happen!!!!!😍💙❤️😍
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    PhatBoy123 wrote: »
    BlackRazak wrote: »

    Welcome, to Marvel: Future Fight, If you're feeling suicidal then you've come to the right place.

    Shhhh... the mobirum shills are watching
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    Nemesis prime g1 fanbuild (universal)
    -based of a spotlight concept I’ve written called the god of gods in another thread:

    Quest name: the god of gods
    Arena: give me your face!
    Raid: eternal hunger

    After Optimus Prime lost the matrix of leadership to Megatronus, who used it to restore solus prime into quintessa, he reverted into his pre-Prime state: Orion Pax. Having a lack of Primus’s energy flowing through him eventually made him an easy target for Unicron, who wasted no time in possessing him. Then, he destroyed the matrix of leadership after its recovery from quintessa, and set out to find the matrix of immortality to restore his original, planet sized form.

    Special 1: transform and die out!
    -An age of extinction

    Spits corrosive flame at the enemy. After that, he transforms into a truck with dark energon spikes in front and rams into the opponent

    Special 2: destined destruction
    -Freedom is the vice of all sentient beings

    Nemesis fires a beam of dark energon from his eyes, stunning the opponent. Then he pulls them towards him telekinetically into a pair of dark energon swords
    -unblockable, undodgeable

    Special 3: till all are done
    -one shall stand, all shall fall!

    A giant dark energon axe is conjured above nemesis prime. It is then smashed towards the enemy. Unicron’s astral form appears from nemesis’s body and picks the enemy up. The opponent is then dropped into Unicron’s mouth where he is consumed
    -the opponent dies instantly

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    Class: Warrior
    Faction: Autobot/Dinobot

    Passive: Hunter Mode
    • 50% health or higher, Slash fights in Hunter Mode, focusing on dealing high damage and weakening the opponent
    • Hunter Mode grants +10% crit rate, +10~20% crit damage and +20% block penetration

    Passive: Survivor Mode
    • Below 50% health, Slash fights in Survivor mode, focusing on surviving and stalling the battle
    • Survivor Mode grants +10% armor rating, +10~20% perfect block chance and +20% block proficiency

    Dagger Attacks:
    • Critical hits have a 50% chance to lacerate the opponent, dealing 25~45% attack over 2~3s

    Heavy Attacks:
    • 70% chance to cause bleed, dealing 80~100% attack as direct damage over 10s, this bleed effect cannot be stacked
    • Hunter Mode bonus: 65% chance to gain a Raptor Accuracy buff, allowing her attacks to ignore all Evasion and Reflect effects for 5s

    Holding Block:
    • Holding Block at ranged distance for 2s allows her to purify 1 damaging debuff and repairing 1.5% of max health
    • Survivor Mode bonus: 65% chance to gain an Invisibility buff, causing opponent's attacks to miss with a 20% chance, (40% chance against ranged attacks) for 5s

    Dinobot Training - When Attacked:
    • 30% chance to be immune to debuffs when attacked

    SP1: Velocity: "Slash quickly cuts the opponent's skin with her daggers to weaken them"
    • 100% chance to cause bleed per hit (2 hits), dealing 40~60% attack over 2~3s
    • 100% chance to armor break on each hit, reducing enemy armor rating by 20% for 6.75 seconds (2 armor breaks)

    SP2: Wild Hunt: "After perfectly timing her deadly attack, Slash jumps in to perform a deadly suprise attack"
    • 100% chance to gain a 8s Raptor Accuracy buff while in Hunter Mode, Invisibility while in Survivor Mode
    • 1% to be Unblockable for every missing health percentage on the opponent

    SP3: Predator Ambush "Clever Girl"
    • Repairs 14% of max health, +2% for every bleed debuff on the opponent (bleed duration is paused for this attack)
    • Instantly purifies all damaging debuffs

    Signature Ability: Dino Speed
    • Slash' agility allows her to decimate her opponent quickly without triggering their power gain. Slash' critical attacks generate 30%~90% less power for the opponent. Additionally, bleeding opponents do not gain power from her critical attacks


    Raptor Pack with Dinobot
    • Slash: Special Attacks have a 20~30~40% chance to becoming unblockable when the opponent is bleeding
    • Dinobot: Gains a 40~50~60% Crit damage buff which lasts for 5s when knocking down the opponent

    Dinobots with Grimlock
    • Grimlock: Gains a permanent 15~20~25% attack buff for each Dinobot teammate
    • All Dinobots but Grimlock: damaging debuffs last 25~30~40% shorter and repair 2% of max health on expiry

    Femme Fatale with Chromia
    • Windblade, Arcee, Elita-1, Chromia and Slash deal 10~15~20% more damage against male opponents

    Enemies with Tantrum

    Strong Match-ups:
    • Most Scouts: Raptor Accuracy = bye bye evades
    • Soundwave and Jetfire: Raptor Accuracy = bye bye reflects

    Weak Match-ups:
    • Optimus Primal: Slash' bleeds will constantly repair Primal's lost health
    • Grimlock: Her leader's Dino Rage will remove her bleeds quickly, but she's not only facing that Dino Rage once he finds out who betrayed him
  • I'd go with Nitro Zeus or Shockwave (Movie) either way I'm fine. Or Bombshell or Scrapnel.
  • Who cant love these guys ;)
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    Can we please get Lockdown? I've been wanting to see him for a very long time. I'm sure I'm one of many to ask but like many I really want to see Lockdown. I honestly really want to see the AOE Lockdown the design and he can be Tactician. Here are some ideas for skills:

    He should have 20% natural armor pierce.
    Against brawlers his chance to activate debuffs are 20% higher
    Being a master Tactician, he has 5% higher power
    His range would be the gun he generally uses (saving the face gun for specials)
    His Medium hits would involve his hook.
    His light hits would be a mix of hits from his sword and kicks
    His hook attacks have 40% a chance of stealing buffs and keeping them for a few seconds and a stolen buff will be replaced with a bleed, dealing 20% attack in 4 seconds, a power leak for 4 seconds, or a resistance down for 4 second.
    His face gun shots have an 80% chance to cause shock
    His heavy attack, Rather than being his alt mode, will be his shoulder rockets that have an 75% chance to cause armor break, 60% chance to cause burn, and 50% chance to cause both, lasts 4 seconds.

    Signature ability Bounty Hunter: Lockdown knows how to counter just about anything due to centuries of experience as a merciless Bounty Hunter. When he dodges a ranged attack, he gains a 25% ranged attack boost for 5 seconds. When he dodges a melee attack, he gains an 25% melee damage boost for 5 seconds. If he successfully activates both, he will Heal 3% of his max help The latter will increase as he is leveled up.

    Special Attack 1 "Who sent you here?"
    “Lockdown has weapons in unconventional places”
    It would be a drop kick then two shots from his face cannon.
    The kick has a 100% chance to cause a 50% armor break for 12 seconds
    the first shot have have a 40% chance shock dealing 50% damage in 10 seconds, second has 24% chance to cause stun for 5 seconds

    Special Attack 2 "Three Direct hits, Mortal Wound"
    “Lockdown quickly learns any bots weakness and exploits it”
    It would be Two slashes from his sword and a high powered shot from his face cannon
    The sword attacks activate 20% armor pierce
    The charged shot inflicts power burn, instantly burning 50% of max powe

    Special Attack 3 "Never is here"
    He would transform into his alt mode and drive towards the opponet. They get ready, but then he transforms, leaping over the opponet and latching his hook into their shoulder, and slamming the to the ground. Then he jams his spark extractor into their spark.
    Activates a 50% Critical rate for 40 seconds.
    Opponet recieves a resistance down for 30 seconds
    The hook attack inflicts a bleed that causes 100% attack over 30 seconds. The spark extractor causes a power lock for 30 seconds. has a 1% chance to rip out the opponents spark, instantly killing them. There would be a flash indicating this. Should they survive they also receive a resistance down debuff for 20 seconds.

    I know he seems really overpowered, but what’s wrong with another really good bot?

    Yes I did copy paste this from a discussion I tried to start because nobody read it because I made a discussion instead of commenting here.

    Don’t judge me

    Kabam pls notice me ;_;

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    Megatron (Beast Wars)

    Class: Tactician
    Faction: Predacon

    Passive - Schemer
    • Megatron starts scheming. His scheme is divided into 3 phases. Each phase needs to be completed to move onto the next one

    - Phase 1. Manipulation
    Megatron needs to get the opponent to activate 1 Special attack to study their tactics
    - Phase 2. Decimation
    Megatron needs to activate 2 special attacks after completing his previous phase to damage the opponent's defense systems
    - Phase 3. Domination
    Megatron needs to achieve a combo of 75 hits to complete his master plan

    • Every time a phase is completed, Megatron gains a permanent 25~45% Attack buff

    Ranged Attacks:
    • Instead of generating power for the opponent, each of these attacks would place 1 Plasma Charge on the opponent (max: 6 charges). This ability can trigger through the opponent's block

    Medium Combo Enders:
    • These attacks are short-ranged (so they will place 1 Plasma Charge if there are less than 6/9/12 charges)
    • Detonates all Plasma Charges, dealing 10% attack as energy damage and causing the opponent to GAIN 0.5% of max power per charge
    • If there are at least 6 charges, this attack will become unblockable

    When Blocking:
    • +3~5% energy resistance for each Plasma Charge on the opponent

    Heavy Attacks:
    • 70% chance to place a 4~6s Repair Block

    Special Attacks:
    • Pause the duration of the opponent's debuffs

    SP1 - Tyantic Rage: "Megatron loses his temper and unleashes his T-rex beam"
    • 100% chance to Fate Seal the opponent, preventing them from gaining buffs for 5~7s

    SP2 - Primal Fury: "Megatron fires a plasmic blast to decimate his opponent"
    • Places 3 Plasma Charges on the opponent (can be stacked with 6 Plasma Charges from other Ranged attacks)
    • 100% chance to Fate Seal the opponent for 7~9s

    SP3 - End of Beast War: "Yessss"
    • Inflicts Energon Inversion, reversing the effects of the opponent's repair for 12s
    • Generates 6 Plasma Charges (can be stacked with 6 Plasma Charges from other ranged attacks)

    Signature Ability - Final Phase. Evolution
    • Megatron starts his fourth and final phase when he reaches 1 health, becoming immune to all damage and debuffs for 6~12s. While this effect is active, his attacks will allow him to steal the opponent's buffs with identical effects and duration

    • Pawns with Scorponok and Waspinator
    Scorponok, Waspinator: Enters the fight with either +5~7.5~10% attack rating, armor or +7.5~10~15% power rate
    Megatron: Repairs 2~3~5% of max health whenever a phase a completed (does not include his 4th phase)

    • Theft of the Golden Disk with Cryotek
    Megatron: Heal Block and Energon Inversion last 20~40~50% longer if 3 main phases are completed
    Cryotek: +50% Heat resistance

    • Masterminds with Shockwave and Prowl
    Shockwave, Prowl: Steals 50% of the opponent's drained power until they have at least 1 bar of power
    Megatron: Gains 0.5~0.75~1% max power when detonating a Plasma Charge

    • Beast Nemesis with Optimus Primal
    Optimus Primal: Each Crit Armor now provides +2~3~4% block proficiency
    Megatron: Heavy Attacks deal 10~20~30% more damage

    • Beast Ancestry with Tantrum
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    Energon ironhide nuff said
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    TLK Onlsaught
    Beast Machines Tankor
    IDW Whirl
    DOTM Roadbuster
    TLK Berserker
    G1 Brawl
    TLK Dragonstorm (no idea how this would work, just thought it’d be cool)
    Alligned Skyquake
    Armada Starscream
    Alligned Demolisher
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    A bot I'd like
    the one...
    the only...
  • I would love to see
    the one
    the only
    the amazing
    the mystical
    the most positive
    the most amazing transformer of all time...
  • Bntyhntr3232_Bntyhntr3232_ Posts: 2,468
    I would love to see
    the one
    the only
    the amazing
    the mystical
    the most positive
    the most amazing transformer of all time...

    You beat me...
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