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A suggestion for Rhinox



  • 小龙女小龙女 Posts: 641
    小龙女 wrote: »
    Let’s say bee or bludgeon regular melee hits for 40k per punch. Crits at 80k. (Before armor damage deduction)

    60% reduces that to 24k and 48k. (Before armor damage deduction) Ur rank 5 rhinox with unstoppable will be almost dead with just one punch

    Not every single player plays at max level AM for God's sake. You have to realize that this game is not tailor-made to the players who play end-game stuff. And also, it's 60% percent of their attack. That would mean if Blud's attack is 20k, the max damage he can do with one of his crits on the shield would be limited 12k. Still a lot, but that halves and quarters your earlier statistics.

    I am speaking the mind of many decent players. Anyway, it really doesn’t concern me if they do anything and whatever they do. I have no plan whatsoever to use rhinox again even if they buff him. (Unless they fix heavy, buff damage, buff shield, buff signature, buff synergy. Unlikely right? So buff or no buff makes no difference to many players)
  • Down_UnderDown_Under Posts: 149
    Voltron wrote: »
    best buff for Rhinox.. give him a timer for his shield so we can see when it's coming back :p

    Agree with this thread and this suggestion, put a count down circle.

    His heavy simply misses too often and you get punished.

    My suggestion is to just fix the heavy hit box
    then an unstoppable 1 sec dash to go backwards only aka Motormaster style
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