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Connection issues?

Having connection issues on multiple devices and different networks... anyone else?


  • ReworkRework Posts: 122
  • Me too. Big time. I can't even access the game at all now.

    Maybe they're rebooting the servers.
  • TheBeastInsideTheBeastInside Posts: 429
    edited September 2019
    Same here.
    Just when I was to launch a 5* away mission...

    Edit : android 9. In France, but gaming in English
  • I'm in South Carolina, USA
  • I'm in South Carolina, USA
  • KittenKitten Posts: 1,897
    Its disgraceful
  • KittenKitten Posts: 1,897
    I demand the featured list for October for this! 😆👀
  • Yeap dropped and cant get back in...
  • You're in the UK, right @Kitten ?
  • KittenKitten Posts: 1,897
    You're in the UK, right @Kitten ?

  • JIMMY_SABJIMMY_SAB Posts: 1,008
    Yep. Server is a problem on the Kabam side right now. I’m using multiple devices with a variety of connectivity options (eg. Cellular, broadband, and even dial up). Game won’t let me in. Hopefully the daily reset in 2 mins fixes it.

    Device 1: iPhone XS
    Software Version: 12.3

    Device 2: Samsung S6
    Software Version: Android Pie

    Connectivity: Verizon wireless, xfinity GigaBit broadband, and century link dial up

    @Kabam Miike @Kabam Vydious
  • Yup my alliance is facing issues logging in as well.
  • agreed, it's affecting Kitten in UK too so it's not just some regional network issue...I feel bad for these guys, it's been a rough week. Maybe it's time they stepped away, had a beer, got some rest and then come back strong Monday :-D
  • Back in business
  • Hey all,

    Thank you for reporting this. I'm letting the team know right now.
  • Can you guys let me know if you're still having issues? I was able to get in, complete a fight, send Bots on an away mission, and claim arena rewards with no issues.
  • I'm ok now on iPhone XR
  • trying right now, sorry this is happening on a Friday night, I'm sure you were looking forward to something else tonight!
  • yep, I'm in
  • NightpathNightpath Posts: 644
    edited September 2019
    My connection issues have been resolved, but item use and raid rewards are still MIA. Thank you for the communication, it is very much appreciated!
  • Don't worry they are updating their servers to the latest version...hc3eu1e8rm6l.gif
  • Connection issue seems to be stable for me now. But still no rank rewards for item use and raid ascent alliance events.

    Game version: 8.2
    iPhone 8+ iOS 12.4.1
    Location: Germany
    Device & game language: English
    Connection: WiFi and 4G
  • TheBeastInsideTheBeastInside Posts: 429
    edited September 2019
    This sounds familiar to me @Mrnomis, not related to the update (well, for me, I mean)

    (And of course, after 1 "free" crash, you start loosing 50/25% of your bot the next times it occurs)
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