Alliance Recruitment and Search Thread

Hey everybody! With the game in full swing, people are going to be looking for Alliances. We thought it would make it easier for all of you if we made just one thread for this for now. This keeps everything centralized, as well as keeping the forums clean!

If you're looking for members, here are a few tips. Include your requirements, and maybe what you would like to focus on as a team. If you're looking for an Alliance, try describing your play style and your top Bots.

Happy Recruiting!


  • Gamers with Jobs (GWJ) is a strong family orientated alliance consisting of (you guessed it) adults with families and jobs! We are fans of Kabam’s other fighting game Marvel Contest of Champions (MCoC) and enjoy the new fighting style of Transformers: FtF. Our players have proven to find the right balance of taking the game seriously, progressing and real life.

    Alliance Ethos:
    We consider ourselves to be the “serious casual” player. We are looking to build a strong loyal community of like-minded people. Since the game is new we will take part in the alliance events that make sense with an expectation to join any alliance quests/wars that are eventually released. As we understand the costs of these we will set a reasonable level of donations. Members should feel comfortable that they are not slaves to the game. We do not expect you to spend money in the game. By recruiting competent and friendly players with the right attitude, we feel we can win.
    We use the Line chat app and if history repeats itself are expecting this to be an active chat channel with members talking and joking throughout the day.

    Applicant requirements – Who do I contact:
    Still here? Great! Here is what we are hoping to find:
    • Players with a good attitude who are drama free and fun.
    • Communication skills. Let me repeat – active communication skills. This will be required as alliance quests and wars are released..
    • Mature adult players will fit in better
    • Line app requirement. No exceptions.
    • Player with a team spirit, sense of humor and common sense.

    If you like the sound of what you’ve read then reach out to VirtualFish in Line chat. Same name in game.
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  • If you are still looking for recruits, send me a invite
  • 1Pharaoh1Pharaoh Posts: 36
    Highly active player looking for a competitive alliance.
  • I would like to join your alliance please. Based on the description it suits me well. Please consider
  • MadducksMadducks Posts: 9
    [D&D] Drillnuts and Discharge is Recruiting!

    • Competitive alliance comprised of P2P and highly active F2P players.
    • A high level of activity will be required. For those of you looking for a competitive alliance, consider us.
    • Discord channel is used for primary source of communication.
    • Already sitting at 46k+ alliance rating without a full roster.
    • Requests for 'Help' filled quickly.
    • Knowledgeable players to share insights, strategies, and help answer questions.

    • High level of activity!
    • That's it. We simply expect folks to be on the front end of progression. The rest will come naturally. I'm omitting and hard level or rating requirement since the game is brand new, but know that we'll be aiming to progress quickly.

    How to Apply

    • Madducks#4703
    • Benefield#8934
    • Angrywaterfowl - (display name is Madducks)
    PM Me
    • Shoot me a PM if you have any questions.
  • campcomiccampcomic Posts: 18
    camps hidout (CHQ) is recruiting must be level 20+ experienced MCOC gamers welcome.
    find me in game at campcomic or on line at campcomic2.
    Looking for active family friendly players.
  • Looking for an Adult team of grinders!! Please add me if you need someone! I'm a veteran from MCOC and I know this system well..I do spend as well,..add me Rocknroller. Thanks!
  • I'm a very active player and Sonos my buddy, looking for a serious alliance
  • Looking for new players that are ready to put in work. Our alliance core is built from mcoc veterans. Hit me up on line SoCalChamp
  • KalellKalell Posts: 4
    Diecepticons are recruiting!

    We are a 47k strong Alliance with decicated players who want to be number 1. Think you would fit in and help?

    Add me on line. Id kaldiecepticon

    2.5k only please.
    Daily and active players are a must.
  • My base rating is 8.8K Cant find you on Line? My ID is ultra-magnetic
  • tnspgccijzs5.png.

    Looking for a strong alliance
  • Bah Weep Granah Weep Nini Bong!

    Many of you may not know what that means, that's ok! It is the universal greetings in the G1 Transformers universe. Words cannot express how excited I became when I discovered Kabam started development on this game in the vein of Marvel Contest of Champions. Transformers have been the most endearing aspect of my childhood and it just won't go away! With that being said, onto business.

    This game came on my radar via YouTube chatter while watching, you guessed it, an MCoC video. I am a launch day player/almost 300k rating and an officer for two years, and know the nuances about how this game will probably work. Many things are very similar and some welcomed changes already.

    The early days of grinding are slow and sometimes agonizing. There are already similar commanders in the alliance and we are looking for more! So if you are looking to get off to a quicker start then going in blind, hit us up!

    The requirements:
    • First and foremost, THE LINE APP! If you already have it, awesome! Skip to the third point. Active communication is absolutely paramount to progression in this type of game. Especially during Alliance Quests for organizing routes. The in game chat is completely inefficient for steady growth of the alliance. If installing an additional app to chat with others is not for you, carry on and enjoy the game with a more casual alliance.
    • >
    • Second, did I mention communication? You don't need to be a chatter box to actively chat. Let people know when you are available and when you can possibly see yourself being unavailable. One really has to be serious about this to progress. You can turn off all the notifications so it doesn't blow up your phone. I have done this myself since I know to check it as often as I can.
    • >
    • Current rating is not an issue if the activity is there and the reliable communication. I was fortunate enough to get in on the beta and have a good start so far. If you are as stoked about this game as I am, get a hold of me @.soilworker3 on Line. IGN is SEN.Sh0ckwave.

    This is for an adult-centered alliance. Out of High School and older please. We have jobs and families but remain to be quite active due to how much fun this is!

    I hope to hear from you soom, til all are one!

  • SG Singapore has one spot available for the right person. 330+k rating
    - must have line app. Search id Hoodlum77
    -15+k rating ( anything less will not be looked at)
    - must be active everyday if possible
    - must help with all alliance quests and missions etc
    - Great bunch of guys who are all super active.
    - Either send request to join or contact me on line app.
  • Looking for a mature alliance, I'm still learning. Thanks
  • Looking for active daily leveling players that are Alliance Mission ready at lvl20+. Line app is mandatory. Participation in all events is mandatory. If interested contact me ingame or on LINE app at Celebrimbor44. I am leader of ACEPT and have played and lead alliances in MCOC since it was released. You dont have to be a former or current MCOC player but truthfully it helps tremendously and is preferred. For those that do play MCOC, I am used to playing Map5 in AQ in a 7M alliance. Looking to start fresh with TFtFwith lessons learned.
  • Looking for Alliance. I'm a serious casual gamer with work and family. Currently I'm level 20 with a rating of 4166 and growing. I have line as well. In game tag is petrovsky.
  • With pleasure we announce the creation of Virus Reborn in Forced 2 Fight.
    join up fast we are a no BS alliance and we are very active

  • Still got spots open?
  • I'm very active play all the time just looking for fun active alliance just started today at level 15 and going up I have line my gamer tag and line app name is MrMcFatterson
  • User not found. Yiu can add me. Celebrimbor44
  • TrailfireTrailfire Posts: 590
    Active alliance run by Marvel COC vets looking for new members. We're a casual, friendly group but used to hitting targets for key events. Line is a must.

    Ideally, you should be aiming for lvl20 in time for alliance events in two days

    Friend me in game: Trailfire
    or find the alliance:
    Thirteen Primes
  • tekkn1kaltekkn1kal Posts: 430
    WRÄTH is currently looking to fill a few spots. VETERAN MCOC players specifically.

    We aim to build an alliance here on F2F that is comprised nearly 100% of players that are already used to playing at a high, competitive level in MCOC. This means we are looking for players that have at least map 5 experience, preferably RoL cleared, high tier AW experience, etc.

    Currently we are of course building like everyone else, but with a bunch of hustlers on board, we expect to be strong soon.

    If you are looking for a hard working alliance that is looking to play this game competitively and shoot for every goal we can, look no further.

    Contact me on Line @tekkneke if you feel like you are a fit.
  • RastvamanRastvaman Posts: 4
    edited April 2017
    [LOE] LegionOfElites is Recruiting!

    We are looking for active, mature and friendly players that are willing to contribute to alliance events and participate in alliance missions!! We currently have 2 free spots!

    If you are interested, please contact me on LINE (user: Rastvaman) or in game (same ign).

    Joining requirements:
    - Level 18+ players (we expect you to be at least level 20 within 3 days when alliance missions will start)
    - Be active & contribute to alliance events
    - Use LINE app to chat with alliance members. Communication is essential in this game. We have a LINE group chat, and being part of the alliance means you must also be part of the group chat.

    We understand that everyone has a life, job, studies, etc., and that will always come first, but we also expect some commitment to the alliance and the game ;-)

    Please contact me (Rastvaman), AJWRenshaw or Tenman Prime on LINE app if you are interested!

    Take care and have fun!
  • Tezz001Tezz001 Posts: 53
    Hi, I'm looking for an active alliance to join, I prefer a more mature group, been a fan of Transformers since the 80's, remember seeing Transformers the movie in the cinema on first release, now that might show my age haha. Anyhow my in game name is Tezz001. I'm lvl 26, active, and also play Transformers Earth Wars. Find me in game.
  • Hello I'm the leader of a 35k alliance looking for strong active players. Alliance name is SolidSmokas and you must have a 1700 min rating overall you can message me directly or request to join from alliance page Guaranteed Response.
  • Hi lvl 20, 2500 rated player looking for 50k+ alliance, will participate in every event. Look me up in game DigiTaLReePeR
  • Looking for 6 Members (D.F.O) Order of the Darkness Flame
    - At least lvl 20
    - Have a line account
    - Be active daily
    - Be ready to run alliance missions once they begin
    - Preferably experience playing MCoC so you can hit the ground running on alliance missions but we are willing to train if you are active and a good team player.

    If you would like to be a part of an alliance that will be active daily and make quick progress, send me a message via Line and we can talk. Line ID: hunta89 Or send an alliance request In Game
  • Looking for a new Alliance my current one is not active in the least level 25 and I'm new to this style of game.
  • ConceitrConceitr Posts: 7
    60k Alliance looking for active, mature, and friendly members. We do use Line app for better communication.

    Looking for lvl 20+. All we ask is that you stay active and participate in events and missions. Be friendly and mature! Grow your collection, grow with us, and most importantly, have fun.

    Interested? Contact me here, in game, or on Line: conceitr
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