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    Let me be the first to suggest Wreck-gar be added to the fight. Would also be nice to get some Weird Al voice acting, but beg-gars can't be choosers.

    Dare to be stupid. 😁
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    Skywarp, reskin starscream/thundercracker and basically give him abilities similar to mirages with seekers and sky assault and brain drain
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    Wishlist.... Thats a great name for this thread... Desires of children who eventually collide with reality......
  • cliffjumper (bumblebee movie)

    Ranged attack: his left arm turns into a 3 shot blaster and all three shoot at once

    Bio: kabam will have to do it I can think of it

    Special attack 1: his right arm pops up a saw from beside his hand and slices the enemy triple times

    Special attack 2: both of his hands turn into 3 shot blasters and he shoots them the blasters go back and he then his saw pops out and he slashes the enemy

    Special attack 3: He says "You want the horns? You got em. " Then drop kicks the enemy 3 shot blasts them 8 times with both hands and then stabs the enemy with saw 3 times in multiple areas then head butts them with his horns if they survive it will do 3 blood leak

    Heavy attack: transforms into red Dodge Challenger and hits enemy

    Basic attack: punch kick ya basic stuff

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    Lol I can’t believe this thread is still up
  • We have been trolled by the story writers about BW Megatron on a few occasions.
    I would like any version of him to show up.

    SP1: Gnash - bites arm of opponent and doesn’t let go - thrashs head around causing opponent to bash into ground , 30/40/50/60/70% chance of opponent to lose buff per impact depending on rank

    SP2: Gnaw - Whips opponent up into air with tail attachment (like Dante with Alastor) then catches in Dino jaws , a bit of chewing goes on finally slamming opponent into ground. Inflicts epic bleed for 150% damage

    SP3 Yes - Megatron transforms and roars at his opponent , stunning them in place with fear. He then rush’s them , knocking them over and starts stomping up and down on the opponents body. Finally he leers over them (like end of CW Megs SP3) and delivers a massive head bite , 100% armour piercing, 100% chance of crit hit)
  • I would really enjoy to be able to unlock different (unkown/rare) characters,mfor example i really want Exhaust (malboro wheeljack) or Slicer (blu shattered glass wheeljack), not to mention Chop Shop or any of the deluxe decepticons.
    While i see this can be a problem with seekeres for example, i cant see devs making specific abilities for rare retooled characters (eg deluxe decepticons) when there are still so many unreleased bots.
    I would love a formula to unlock different skins for characters aside to the existing method.

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    Lol 😂 sad, but @Kabam Miike please close down this thread Kabam said no more new bots, there’s nothing more to wish for lol 😂
  • n8a5zmpdw9bw.jpg
    This will be the new Waluigi for Smash joke!
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    You definitely need to add all of the g1 combining bots like devastator, bruticus, menasor, constructicons, volcanicus, and any that I have missed
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    Sharpy wrote: »
    You definitely need to add all of the g1 combining bots like devastator, bruticus, menasor, constructicons, volcanicus, and any that I have missed

    Superion and Victorion are good. Also, please check my discussion for bots that should be added.
  • SilverZASilverZA Posts: 47
    I think that all, ALL cinematic bots should be added. Check out my discussion for my ideas. For once, I want to see Transformers better than Marvel.

    Yes please.
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    So following up my last suggestion, me and the same buddy came up with another Combaticon, Onslaught.
    Class: Tactician

    Bio: Onslaught is a master strategist. With his fellow Combaticons being loose cannons, he directs their destruction for the Decepticon cause. He's the "Hand-off" type of bot so seeing him on the Battlefield means there's more destruction inbound.

    Signature: Tactical Efficiency
    -Onslaught finds the chinks in his plans and corrects them, making him more efficient.
    --Battle Plan penalties are reduced to an extent.*
    *I am unsure of the math, but a Level 100 Signature will reduce the penalties by 50%.

    Basic Abilities:
    Battle Plans

    +10% natural armor

    Heavy Attacks:
    -Onslaught fires a few rockets at the opponent (the same animation as Ultra Magnus or Ironhide)
    --30% chance to inflict a Burn debuff, dealing 20% of attack as heat damage over 4 seconds.

    Battle Plans
    On Block: Holding Block for 1.5 seconds changes the current Battle Plan. Buffs are reset when plans have changed.
    The order of plans goes from Offensive to Defensive to Precision to Preservation and back to Offensive.

    Offensive mode: Critical melee hits grant a melee buff and critical ranged hits grant a ranged buff, both increasing their respective damage by 3%. For every 10 buffs, all buffs are consumed and replaced with an attack buff increasing attack by 25%. Buffs are removed by enemy special crit and combined buffs require 5 critical hits.
    -3% crit rate per buff.
    Should Onslaught become too powerful, a 5% reduction in armor is necessary.

    Defensive mode: Onslaught gains either a physical resistance or energy resistance depending on the attack (max of 10 each) which increases resistance by 8% per buff.*
    - 5% less attack
    *This is similar to Ultra Magnus but no resistances are lost when a different type of hit has been received.

    Precision mode: Critical hits deal 10% more damage and generate 30% more power.
    - 5% less armor

    Preservation mode: Every 10 hits repairs 5% of missing health or gains an armor buff reducing incoming damage by 10% for 5 seconds. Buffs are not granted if the combo is broken.
    - 5% less attack

    Special Attacks:

    SP1 - Tactical Intervention
    -Onslaught shoots the opponent with a rifle, then rushes in to give an old fashioned one-two.
    --Battle Plans change the debuffs applied to the opponent
    --If Offensive Mode is engaged, the opponent suffers a 10% reduction in attack.
    --If Defensive Mode is engaged, Onslaught gains an armor buff reducing all incoming damage by 20% for 4 seconds.
    --If Precision Mode is engaged, the opponent suffers a 20% crit rate reduction for 5 seconds.
    --If Preservation Mode is engaged, Onslaught gains a repair buff, regenerating 3% of his max health over 3 seconds.

    SP2 - Change Of Plans
    -Onslaught delivers a powerful dropkick, studies his plans, then releases a bombardment of missiles.
    -- 60% chance to inflict burn dealing 70% attack over 5 seconds
    -- 100% chance to change battle plans

    SP3 - Earthquaking Fury
    -Onslaught transforms and rams into the opponent, knocking them back a fair distance. He stays in vehicle-mode launching a volley of missiles at the opponent.
    - 100% chance to inflict burn dealing 90% attack as heat damage over 8 seconds
    -If Offensive Mode is engaged, Onslaught stuns the opponent for 6 seconds
    -If Defensive Mode is engaged, Onslaught gains a permanent armor buff reducing enemy damage by 6% (max of 5)
    -If Precision Mode is engaged, Onslaught inflicts a permanent armor break reducing enemy armor by 9%
    -If Preservation Mode is engaged, Onslaught heals 10% of max health

    Combaticons! Attack!
    -Outgoing: Onslaught provides his fellow Combaticons with passive Armor and Attack Buffs.
    --Swindle: Onslaught gains a +5% Block proficiency.

    Let me know what y'all think about Onslaught!
    Please don't take this down Kabam. I post these in a separate discussion so I don't lose this work and I can gain some feedback.

    I agree with all of this man. Yes please. However, I think that his specials should involve turning into Bruticus with his boys.
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